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Embroidery is very popular and gives a totally distinctive look and feel to a company logo.

Golf shirts, caps and lounge shirts are the preferred items for embroidery. Using needles and different coloured thread, company logos or slogans are stitch into the garments, nowadays embroidery is done by machines allowing for much faster turnaround times.

There are two stages in the embroidery process, the "digitizing" of the logo and the actual "embroidering" of the logo.


In the images above you can see how a logo in ".jpeg" format is digitized into a format that the embroidery machines can understand, the digitizing explains to the machines how the logo is constructed and what colours go where.

The digitizing process is the most important stage of embroidery because high quality digitized logo will result in a high quality embroidered logo.

At Brand Print we do in-house digitizing, but for more intricate and detailed patterns we outsource the work to specialist digitizers in South Africa.


"Please click" on the images below to see samples of our embroidery.





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